CIRI Alberta Chair's Message

I am honoured to address you in my second term as chair of your Alberta Chapter, and my seventh year on the Board.

2018 marks my 10th year in the profession. As I reflect on the wake of extremely volatile commodity prices we have witnessed the past few years which have left a permanent mark in Calgary, we have seen a lot of changes from our role as IR professionals in the past decade.

We have seen the growth of passive investments challenging the business model of the buy-side, regulatory changes which have continued to impact the sell-side, and the rise of ESG and shareholder activism, at the same time as our companies sustain themselves through very difficult economic environments. And yet, through all the cyclicality and dramatic changes in environment in which we operate, the strategic importance of investor relations continues to grow. IR teams have increasingly become responsible for communications not only with the investment community but also with internal stakeholders such as the board of directors, management and employees. Changes are afoot.

That's where I see CIRI come in – CIRI contributes to the transparency and integrity of the Canadian capital markets by advancing the practice of investor relations, the professional competency of our members and the stature of the profession. We are here to partner with our peers, and together, stay connected and on top of these changes through continuous learning and networking with fellow members. In the past year, CIRI Alberta hosted several successful events which received very positive feedback from our members.

We had Todd Hirsch from ATB provide us an economic update, our marquee event last year featuring the Right Honourable Stephen Harper discussing leadership and Canada’s competitiveness as a country, Hal Kvisle sharing his experiences dealing with shareholder activism, golf, various networking events, and a financial modelling course we offered in partnership with the CFA.

The aim of the Alberta Chapter’s programming has been, and continues to be, striking the right balance between developing core skills and inspiring our members to think strategically. We have an exciting line up of programming for the 18-19 calendar year, and we sincerely hope they will engage and inspire.

I want to take a minute to thank our team of Alberta Chapter Executives who not only make CIRI Alberta possible, but as dynamic as it is. Their continued commitment and hard work allow us as a Chapter to advance the standing of our profession through education seminars, networking events, while raising awareness of the strategic importance of what we do within the larger business community. I am thankful for these friendships, and honoured to work with this talented group of individuals and look forward to another productive year ahead.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you, our members, for your continued support. As you may have noticed, the recent downturn has significantly impacted our membership numbers. Your continued commitment and contribution to CIRI is what keeps this community vibrant and impactful. As we take on the task of putting on even better events for our members the coming year, you can be sure we will call on you to either take part in the planning, or to support us with your attendance. I hope we will see more of you in the coming year.


Helen Kelly
Chair, CIRI Alberta

Helen Kelly
Chair, CIRI Alberta