CIRI Ontario Chair's Message

Dear Member,

Becoming Chair of CIRI Ontario is a true privilege. I am very excited by this terrific opportunity to represent CIRI Ontario members. Additionally, I would like to thank outgoing Chair Meghan MacNicol. It has been an honour to work with you since I joined the CIRI Ontario Executive two years ago.

COVID-19 has presented us with truly unprecedented times. I am confident the strength of the CIRI Ontario Executive and fellow CIRI members will turn these new challenges we face into opportunities to expand our professional development program for all CIRI members.

Please connect with anyone from our Executive if you have feedback to share or new ideas to present. Our goal as an Executive is to provide value to CIRI members. CIRI members are experienced, intelligent individuals willing to help fellow members. During this difficult time, I encourage members to continue their legacy of assisting fellow members in any way they can. For example, our Mentorship Program is open to anyone seeking guidance or ready to give back by sharing their experience.

I would like to acknowledge the dedication and ongoing effort of our CIRI Ontario Executive members; Tamara Cook, Alison Dwoskin, Christopher Haldane, Nisha Hasan, Michelle Marguet, Julie Taylor, Trevor St. Arnault and welcome new members Emina Begovic, Zev Korman, Sandy Noyes and Charlotte Thuot.

A special thank you to fellow members who are stepping off the CIRI Ontario Executive; Linda Armstrong, Camilla Bartosiewicz, Ana Raman and Jacqueline Wagenaar.

For those of you who don’t know me, I encourage you to please reach out and connect with me. I am here to assist in any way possible.

Best regards,

Greg Blazina
Chair, CIRI Ontario
Email: [email protected]

Greg Blazina
Chair, CIRI Ontario