CIRI Ontario Chair's Message

Dear Member,

It continues to be a great honour to represent CIRI Ontario (ON) members as the Chair of the CIRI ON Chapter, alongside a group of accomplished Executives.

For those that are new to CIRI, I am the Vice President, Corporate Access for TD Securities. I have been a CIRI ON Executive since 2014 and a longtime supporter for years before. We have had the privilege of having a long line of dedicated past Chairs who have steered our group through challenging market environments, while finding innovative ways to bring more value to our members.

We have begun our 2018-2019 program and we are excited about the thoughtful and informative line-up of topics and speakers that is scheduled for this upcoming year. We hope they will help to educate our members given the ever-changing market environment that we are faced with. I would like to acknowledge and thank the following groups for their continued support so that we are able to once again offer our members the reduced rate for professional development events: CIBC, BMO Capital Markets, National Bank, Scotiabank, TD Securities and RBC Capital Markets. And a special thank you to our new partners Macquarie Group and Raymond James.

For those that are new to the industry or are looking to deepen their knowledge on a particular subject, we invite you to join our Mentorship, Networking & Resource Program (members only). Protégés are matched with experienced IR practitioners to develop industry skills and knowledge. We also have our free Mentorship Breakfast series, where you can hear from experienced IROs on their stories and tips on how they have successfully navigated their way through their career. Please reach out to Nisha Hasan & Greg DiTomaso from our Mentorship Committee, if you have any questions or would like to join.

I would like to thank the ongoing efforts of our Executive members and to the new ones joining this year: Camilla Bartosiewicz, Deirdre Neary, Greg Blazina, Greg DiTomoso, Jacqueline Wagenaar, Laura Lepore, Linda Armstrong, Michelle Marguet, Nisha Hasan, Samantha Taccone and Tamara Cook.

Thank you to the following members who will be stepping off of the Executive this year and who have been a huge help over the past few years: Daniel Weinerman, Katherine Young, Kelly Castledine and Lawrence Chamberlain.

On behalf of your CIRI Ontario Executives, thank you to all members for your ongoing support. Feel free to reach out to any CIRI Ontario Executives with your feedback and/or suggestions. I look forward to meeting with you at an upcoming CIRI Ontario event.


Meghan MacNicol 
Chair, CIRI Ontario 

Meghan MacNicol
Chair, CIRI Ontario