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2017 - Award-Winning IR: How the Pros Do It Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2017
Sponsored by IR Magazine
Some companies are consistently ranked best-in-class in IR. What’s their secret? Come hear a panel of distinguished IROs from across the country as they share how they deliver award-winning IR programs. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - A Deep Dive on Market Structure Webcast
Recorded 06/05/2018
Sponsored by National Bank
Canadian market structure continues to evolve and it is the IRO’s job to understand how these changes impact their companies. A panel of experts will discuss major market structure changes including: competition for retail order flow; the changing role of the market maker; IIROC’s proposal for a trade tracking and client identifier system; and growth in ETFs and their impact on liquidity. Learn how these factors may be... Details
2018 - Blockchain for Dummies Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2018
Sponsored by Broadridge
The blockchain revolution is coming. Are you ready? This transformative technology will reshape the world of business and place new demands on the C-suite. In this session, you will learn about blockchain from the experts and hear how this disruptive technology can benefit virtually every industry, even IR. A case study outlining how blockchain can be applied to proxy voting will also be presented. This webcast is eligible for... Details
2018 - Board Essentials Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2018
Have you ever wondered what your Board of Directors really wants from investor relations or what other companies are doing to bring value to the Board? Hear from directors and IROs who have earned a seat at the table about best practices and creative ways to optimize your interaction with the Board and become a trusted advisor, whether adding value in a face-to-face meeting or providing essential reports. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - CIRI Ontario IR Speaker Series: FedEx Corp. Webcast
Recorded 07/24/18
Join us for a fireside chat with Elizabeth Allen, Staff Director of Investor Relations for FedEx Corp, the leading multinational courier delivery services company. FedEx went public in 1978 at $24.00 and Elizabeth Allen has been part of the IR department for the last 10 years. Elizabeth is also the IR representative for all of FDX's CSR initiatives and serves on the committee that develops their global citizenship report. Elizabeth will discuss FedEx's... Details
2018 - CIRI Ontario: Maximize Your Investor Days, Site Tours & Roadshows
Recorded 09/18/2018
Investor Days, site tours and roadshows are powerful investor engagement opportunities. Join us in September as we explore the dos and don'ts for organizing and executing these important investor events. Our panel of experienced IROs and sell-side analyst will share their tips for effective targeting, stretching your budget and delivering the right content. This event is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - CIRI Ontario: The Outcome of MiFID II and How it Affects You
Recorded 11/13/2018
Aimed at making markets fairer and more transparent, the European Union’s revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive came into effect on January 3, 2018 and has already impacted everything from how firms trade to how research is distributed. MiFID II is focused on unbundling fees, which is having a significant impact on how trades are made and with whom; where research is being distributed and at what cost; and how the buy-side are gaining access to... Details
2018 - CIRI's 31st Annual Investor Relations Conference - Complete Webcast Package
Recorded 6/05/2018
The 2018 Annual Conference webcast package has been designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools and network to excel as an IRO in the changing landscape of investor relations. You'll gain valuable insights on the latest economic trends from Derek Burleton, Vice President & Deputy Chief Economist, TD Bank Group and learn about the extraordinary opportunities in competitive and strategic intelligence from Estelle Métayer, Principal, Founder, Competia &... Details
2018 - CIRI/TMX Event: Preparing for 2019 Proxy Season
Recorded 11/26/18
CIRI and the TMX will be co-hosting our fourth annual event to prepare issuers and their advisors for the 2019 proxy season. During this interactive discussion with proxy advisory firms and institutional investors, we will discuss the top issues for the 2019 proxy season; new ISS and Glass Lewis policies; the growing importance of environmental disclosure; institutional investors’ processes for proxy voting and best practices for engaging... Details
2018 - Expanding Your Influence Through Networking Webcast
Recorded 06/03/2018
Sponsored by TMX Group
Networking has long been recognized as a powerful tool for business professionals. Whether you are looking for new job opportunities, would like to share ideas and knowledge with others, are trying to raise your profile or increase your influence, networking can be an effective way to accomplish these goals. Join us for an IRO-only, interactive networking session and make some new, meaningful connections.
Note: This was an ... Details
2018 - From Underground to Industry: A Look at Canada’s Cannabis Market Webcast
Recorded 06/03/2018
Sponsored by Cision
Join Jeff Vanderby, Cision’s Senior Manager of Product Marketing, for a panel discussion that will explore the unique challenges facing companies joining the emerging Cannabis industry. The panel will discuss the barriers and opportunities for new entrants as they mature into listing candidates, the path to legitimacy from a legal/financial/investor standpoint, the challenges and benefits to established brands, and communications... Details
2018 - In Conversation with the Street Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2018
Sponsored by Scotiabank
Analysts and institutional investors play a vital role in an IRO’s success and you in theirs. Hear from the buy- and sell-side as they share insights on the current state of Canadian capital markets; how they are impacted by MiFID II; their views on disclosure topics such as guidance, ESG and more; and what they expect from IROs. You will leave this session with tips on how you can improve your relationships with the Street.... Details
2018 - Investor Days & Site Tours: Investors on Your Home Turf Webcast
Recorded 06/05/2018
Sponsored by Corbin Advisors
For achieving the primary IR goal — getting investors to understand your company — nothing is more efficient than hosting an event. Whether it is an investor day or a site tour, your analysts and shareholders have carved out several hours for this event, as have your company’s best people, and they will all be looking to you for leadership. Join us for a discussion on how to deliver on what can often be a career-defining... Details
2018 - Long-termism: How to Win the Tug-of-War Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2018
"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Unless those two multiply."
Timing is everything. It dictates management decision-making, dominates investment portfolio selections and makes a big difference to total shareholder return. Reconciling your company's long-term mission with investor demand for short-term returns is an ongoing challenge for IROs. This session brings multiple perspectives to the conversation and explores the fine balance... Details
2018 - Managing Career Progression, Brand & Visibility Webcast
Recorded 06/05/2018
Is there life after IR? What opportunities exist for an IRO wanting to branch out? When is the right time to make that move? Or what if IR is exactly your calling? How does one manage career progression within their field? Former IROs turned corporate directors, an IRO veteran and an executive search professional discuss this and more. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - Marketing: Research, Targeting, Segmentation - Putting It All Together Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2018
Sponsored by Nasdaq
Marketing is one of the premier components of investor relations. Hear from seasoned IROs who will share their experiences marketing in Europe, Asia and closer to home. You will also hear the latest information on inflows and outflows of key markets. Leave this session with practical advice on how to target key markets, best position your company within a market segment and get the most value from your marketing activities, whether ... Details
2018 - Maximizing Your Relationships with Various Capital Market Players Webcast
Recorded 06/05/2018
Sponsored by CIBC
Who are the people in capital markets that you interact with every day and who else is out there? Get the most out of your network by reaching beyond your usual contacts. Discover who else in capital markets you can lean on and what insight they can provide. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - Model Behaviour: How the Sell-side Looks at Your Company Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2018
Every year, fewer analysts are covering more companies and relying more heavily on IROs to bring them up to speed. During this session, you will learn what goes into a model, how you can work with analysts to make sure everything is reflected properly and what you can do if something is missed, all while safely staying within the regulatory requirements around selective disclosure. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - Portfolio Management: Different Strokes for Different Folks Webcast
Recorded 06/05/2018
One of the first rules of business is to know your customer but that's not always easy when it comes to IR. After all, much of what our customers, aka portfolio managers, choose to buy depends on factors outside IR's control, such as how they screen for stocks, what their mandates are and what else is already in their portfolio. Come hear from portfolio managers about the variety of approaches they take – value-driven, top-down, bottom-up or growth-oriented... Details
2018 - Reflections on Influence & Impact Webcast
Recorded 06/05/2018
The Annual Conference Committee will share their key takeaways from the sessions and demonstrate how IROs are in an excellent position to influence for impact. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - Regulatory Update: What IROs Should Know Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2018
Sponsored by Computershare
The regulatory environment continues to change and IROs need to know how their companies will be impacted. During this session, we will discuss the new TSX website disclosures; the initiative to reduce the regulatory burden on issuers; women on boards and in management; the proxy voting infrastructure; and more. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - Small Cap Issuers: Getting Analyst Coverage & Alternatives if You Can’t Webcast
Recorded 06/05/2018
Small issuers are often challenged with getting analysts to cover their company. What are the best strategies for approaching analysts? What are the alternatives should you not be able to secure analyst coverage? Are newsletters and paid-for research avenues you should explore? Hear what this panel thinks about these questions. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - Small Cap Issuers: How to Get Investor Attention Webcast
Recorded 06/03/2018
Sponsored by BTV – Business Television
A small fish in a big pond can often be overlooked. So how can you make your company stand out? What strategies can you use to get your company in front of institutional investors? Are there other investor groups or other regions that you should be targeting and how can you identify them? Leave this session with practical advice on how to get your company noticed. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - The Canadian Economy: Onward & Upward Webcast
Recorded 06/05/2018
Sponsored by TD Bank Group
What is the outlook for the Canadian, U.S. and global economies for the second half of 2018 and into 2019? Will real GDP growth slow from the high levels experienced in 2017? How will this impact interest rates? Will commodities finally rebound from their five-year slump? Will job growth continue? Get up to speed as Derek Burleton shares his views. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
2018 - The Data Tsunami – Are You Leveraging It? Webcast
Recorded 06/04/2018
Estelle Métayer, an expert in competitive and strategic intelligence, will demystify the extraordinary opportunities offered today by the vast amount of data available to both investors and issuers. In the data tsunami, triggered by the surge of transparency, artificial intelligence and new tools to synthetize trends and spot weak signals, it has never been easier to draw new insights from data. Your investors are doing it. Are you? This webcast is eligible... Details