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Recorded 03/29/2019
This luncheon will explore trading strategies in an increasingly complex marketplace and how to navigate emerging trends that impact your stock. Join us to gain perspective from a trading veteran who will share with you their strategies and approach. This archive webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.

Jason Melo, Managing Director & Head of Canadian Agency, Scotiabank
Paul O'Hea, Managing Director, Head of Canadian Equity... Details
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Recorded 09/12/2019
Join us for a fireside chat with Howard Tubin, Vice President, Investor Relations for lululemon athletica. Howard leads all aspects of the company's IR program and has over 20 years of experience with buy-side and sell-side analysts. Howard will discuss his journey to formalize LULU's IR program and the challenges along the way. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.
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Recorded 10/17/2019
While broker-sponsored marketing is one of the premier components of IR, new machine learning and tools are being increasingly adopted by IROs. Add to this, a post-MIFID II environment where brokers are less able to give issuers a good idea of investor targets owing to fewer direct conversations with investors. Hear from seasoned IROs, Derek Theobalds, Director, Investor Relations, Manulife and Michael Nikov, MBA, CPIR, Senior Financial Analyst, Investor... Details
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Recorded 04/30/2019
Artificial intelligence (AI) & Blockchain are topics that generate lots of excitement and a good amount of consternation. Have you ever wondered how they might impact IR? Join us as we dive into these themes - and other tech trends – and what it all means to IR. This archive webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.

Richard Carleton, Chief Executive Officer, CNSX Markets Inc.
Steve Szeto, Head of Global Equity Execution & Strategy,... Details
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Recorded 02/20/2019
Join us for a roundtable discussion with industry-leading professionals from the buy and sell sides and get candid insight on how they make investment decisions, stay informed and what they want from IROs. What tools do they use in buying/selling? What are some emerging trends that they are seeing? What do they think of guidance? Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask! This webcast is eligible for 2... Details
2020 -  ON: Economic Outlook 2020 - Mid-Year Update Webcast
Recorded September 10, 2020
By popular demand, a follow-up to the January economic outlook event given the unprecedented impact of COVID, Avery Shenfeld, Managing Director and Chief Economist at CIBC provides his take on the markets for the remainder of 2020 and how it impacts IROs and their corporations.

What is the outlook for the Canadian, U.S. and Global economies in 2020 and into 2021? Will there be a second wave? Will commodities continue to surge? Are low... Details
2020 -  ON: Modelling & Valuation Webcast
Recorded December 16, 2020
An informative discussion on how IRO’s keep track of analyst models, understanding their current valuation, provide a breakdown of the factors that impact the valuation and how to then effectively communicate results to stakeholders. Additionally, you will hear from a coverage analyst on what key information they look for; best practices; how well a relationship with IR teams assists in building a model; and how much IR is relied on to do future... Details
2020 - AB: Diversity! Diversity! Diversity! Webcast
Recorded October 6, 2020
The issues of race, culture and gender equality continue to capture headlines in 2020 and are factoring more strongly into the investment decisions made by portfolio managers as ESG-based criteria help separate the truly great companies from their peers. Canada is known around the world for being a rich melting pot of different perspectives, yet marginalized groups in the workplace continue to be frustrated by double-standards and a lack of access to... Details
2020 - BC: Communications Part 1: Crafting Your Message in Trying Times Webcast
Recorded July 15, 2020
Join CIRI BC for a two-part communication series starting with Crafting your Message. Nicola Lambrechts, crisis communications specialist, has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 response in British Columbia since the start of the pandemic. With decades of experience helping companies craft their message and safely navigate potential media pitfalls during a crisis, Nicola will share advice and experience from working behind the scenes as the COVID-19... Details
2020 - BC: Communications Part 2: Conducting your Best Virtual Video Webcast
Recorded July 29, 2020
Join CIRI BC for part two of the communication series ending with Conducting Your Best Virtual Video. Learn the technical and messaging skills required to deliver a powerful and professional online interview or presentation from BTV Producer and Host, Taylor Thoen.
2020 - Best Practices for Reaching & Engaging New Investors
Recorded November 30, 2020
Sponsored by Business Wire
Reaching new investors is crucial, yet difficult during periods of disruption. During this session we examine the best ways to build new relationships remotely, will advise on the alternative methods of engaging with investors, discuss how to revise your messaging and approach to enhance visibility and will cover the tools readily available for IROs to assist in this effort. This webcast is eligible for 2... Details
2020 - Building an IR Program from the Ground Up
Recorded November 24, 2020
From reinforcing your corporate strategy to investor targeting, the investor relations program covers it all. During this session, you will get key insights from seasoned IROs in order to develop solid foundations for your IR program. Learn how to remain on the radar of your shareholders — especially in the new virtual era — and how to align your message with your growth strategies to achieve fair valuation. This webcast is eligible for 2... Details
2020 - Capital Markets Drivers
Recorded November 23, 2020
Sponsored by Q4 Inc.
It’s becoming clear that 2020 will see its fair share of market transformation. With the continued shift toward technology – data scientists becoming the new quants and investors more readily adopting automated trading tools – capital markets are ever evolving. As IROs, you need to stay on top of what’s on the horizon that could affect your company’s share performance. Hear what top trends could have major implications for... Details
2020 - Communicating Effectively During a Crisis Webcast
Recorded June 18, 2020.
Effective communication between issuers and the investment community is essential at the best of times. Add to this the COVID-19 global pandemic and communication becomes even more important. Now’s the time for IROs to be more strategic in their communications by expanding disclosure to address the impact the pandemic is having on their business; perhaps modifying guidance practices; and continuing to engage investors with the same frequency as before if ... Details
2020 - Delivering on ESG with Limited Resources & Budgets
Recorded November 24, 2020
Sponsored by TMX Group
As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, ESG has only grown in importance with social considerations now being as important as environmental and governance ones. As a result, demand for ESG data will only accelerate going forward. Discover how your peers are integrating ESG considerations into their corporate structure and IR programs with limited resources and budgets. Find out which elements to focus on first, how to convey... Details
2020 - ESG Case Study: Cenovus Energy Inc. - Committed to Sustainability Leadership
Recorded November 30, 2020
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues have been proven to have a clear impact on an organization’s performance. No longer sitting at the fringe of the retail investor radar, ESG is now mainstream and for any company keen to attract capital, sustainability has to become a priority. Hear how a large-cap company – Cenovus – integrates sustainability into its strategy and business plan to help foster long-term resilience. This webcast is... Details
2020 - ESG Matters: The Views of the Street
Recorded December 1, 2020
What are those ESG issues that matter most to the sell- and buy-side? How have they evolved over 2020? How are the sell-side analysts integrating ESG into their research reports and how does ESG ultimately impact the buy-side’s investment decisions? Find out what ESG factors are top of mind for the Street as they become more important to the financial health of their coverage and portfolio companies. This webcast is eligible for 2... Details
2020 - Evolving IR Targeting & Marketing Practices Webcast
Recorded September 23, 2020
Investor targeting and marketing has always been a critical element of the IR program. Given the current environment, IROs have had to evolve their practices – shifting to virtual engagement with investors. Like any shift in practice, there are pros and cons. While issuers are attracting broader investor attention and using management’s time more efficiently, some virtual meetings may not be as effective as in-person meetings. Hear how... Details
2020 - How to Shape IR in a Post COVID World
Recorded December 1, 2020
Times are changing and IROs are adapting. Hear what IR best practices are emerging as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss the practicalities of a longer-term shift towards virtual engagement with investors and other stakeholders. Learn what technologies have fared well and tips and tricks IROs have used to deliver their program successfully. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.

Brian Ector, Vice President, Capital ... Details
2020 - In Conversation with the Street
Recorded November 24, 2020
Sponsored by IR Magazine
Analysts and institutional investors play a vital role in an IRO's success as your key external stakeholders. Hear from the buy- and sell-side as they share insights on the current state of Canadian capital markets; how they are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and MiFID II; their views on disclosure topics such as guidance and ESG; plus what they expect from IROs. You will leave this session with tips on how you can... Details
2020 - Investor Outreach Re-imagined
Recorded November 30, 2020
Sponsored by Rose & Company
As an IRO, one of your key responsibilities is to deliver high-quality investor meetings to management. Given the changing investor landscape and impact of COVID-19, this has become more challenging causing IROs to be more creative with their marketing. Learn how seasoned IROs have approached marketing in new and different ways while still depending on tried-and-true approaches. This webcast is eligible for 2... Details
2020 - Managing the Differing Needs of Debt Investors: Building Your Debt IR Capabilities
Recorded December 1, 2020
Tasked with crafting a company’s investment case, IROs have typically focused their communications on their equity holders. However, companies issuing debt in an effort to increase liquidity and funding need to strengthen relations with their debt holders and rating agencies. Learn how issuers engage with the debt market to build a sound and viable debt IR function. This webcast is eligible for 2 CEUs.

Amanda Hobson, Senior ... Details
2020 - ON: A View from the Trenches Webcast
Recorded October 15, 2020
Hear Frank Holmes, a leading investor and market observer, discuss the latest investment trends. How has the growing influence of program trading altered the landscape? What are the drivers at play and which sectors are poised to outperform? Get an insider’s view on markets ranging from natural resources and commodities to cryptocurrency and more; and gain a better understanding of how issuers can position themselves in today’s markets.
2020 - ON: Sustainability and Corporate Governance Webcast
Recorded May 21, 2020
Corporate Governance is a critical concern for IROs and necessary for any company looking to gain trust with shareholder groups and the public markets overall. Join Michelle Gallant, Sustainable Business Director, Scotiabank; Wesley Gee, Director of Sustainability, The Works Design Communications; Ani Markova, MBA, CFA, CDI.D, Portfolio Manager & Director; and Sabrina Dias, Founder and CEO, SOOP Strategies Inc. as they discuss best practices in Corporate... Details
2020 - ON: The Seven Habits of Assertive Communication Webcast
Recorded November 17, 2020
Ever wish you had just the right words to impress your manager, persuade a colleague or assuage an angry shareholder? Wondering how to be more confident and assertive without coming across as aggressive? Learn how to better handle sensitive situations, deal with difficult people and create solutions with communications expert Goldie Newman.