2021 ESG Seminar Series - Complete Series Package

CIRI’s online seminar series let you engage in live learning experiences without leaving your desk or committing your entire day to a program. Over an easy-to-use online platform, content experts share their knowledge through facilitated live conversations in convenient, one-hour sessions with an extra 15 minutes dedicated to audience Q&A.

Each series includes four to five sessions on a key investor relations topic, scheduled in consecutive weeks. You can register for the full series or choose one or more individual sessions, letting you select the content that best meets your needs and fits your schedule. Plus you’ll get access to archived sessions and any reference materials following the seminar.



ESG Seminar Series (April – May)

  • Week 1: Deep Dive on SASB – April 15
  • Week 2: Deep Dive on Climate Change & TCFD – April 19
  • Week 3: The Pathway to Reporting – April 29
  • Week 4: Taking Your ESG Reporting to the Next Level – May 6
  • Week 5: ESG: Looking Ahead – May 12

Register today for the full series on this page, or you can register for individual sessions by clicking on the session titles below. You save 25% off the registration fees by registering for the full series. 

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Deep Dive on SASB
SASB Standards identify financially material issues that are reasonably likely to impact the financial condition or operating performance of a company and therefore are most important to investors. Whether you are just starting your reporting journey or several years in, this session will provide deep insight on SASB Standards. We will discuss how these standards are being used by issuers to identify and manage material sustainability issues; how to apply SASB’s materiality map to various industries; how issuers are using this information in their external reporting; and how ESG is linked to both corporate performance and value creation. You will also hear what ESG information investors are most focused on and how they are using issuer’s SASB disclosure in their internal analysis and decision-making process.

Deep Dive on Climate Change & TCFD
According to a new study by the Canadian Nuclear Association, climate change is considered the most extreme issue Canada currently faces despite unprecedented economic and employment uncertainties due to the pandemic. How is your company addressing this critical issue and is it doing enough? During this session we will dive deep on climate-related disclosures made by issuers as they consider their risk profile; take a closer look at TCFD standards; hear whether the current level of disclosure is satisfying the needs of investors; and discuss opportunities for improvement.

The Pathway to Reporting
Sponsored by TMX
As the last year has shown, ESG has only grown in importance with social considerations now being as relevant as environmental and governance ones. As a result, demand for ESG disclosure will only accelerate going forward. If you are in the early stages of your ESG journey, join us for a candid discussion with issuers who have recently published their inaugural sustainability reports. Discover how they started the process; which framework they used and why; how they delivered their message effectively; and the lessons they learned along the way.

Taking Your Reporting to the Next Level
Sponsored by Craib Design & Communications
ESG has become mainstream and for any company keen to attract capital, sustainability has to be a priority. Many issuers are embedding ESG within the organization and effectively communicating their practices and progress externally thereby demonstrating value. If you are looking to take your sustainability practices to the next level, join us for a conversation with award-winning issuers and learn how they approach ESG as an organization; what makes their ESG approach and reporting stand out; and how ESG is leveraged in other areas of the company including investor relations.

ESG: Looking Ahead
The ESG space is continuing to evolve and more issuers, investors and other key stakeholders are taking action. To wrap up CIRI’s ESG Seminar Series, we will explore new developments in ESG and their impact on issuers including the collaboration between standard setters and framework providers; investor views on IFRS’ Consultation Paper on Sustainability Reporting; and capital raising opportunities in sustainable finance.


Marketing Seminar Series – Coming in the Fall – More details to be made available soon.

4/15/2021 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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