BC: ESG Part 2 - The Activists are Out of Quarantine

As a follow-up from part one Focusing on the G of ESG, we’ll hear from both issuers and activists how a company’s governance policies and shareholder engagement strategy can incite or prevent shareholder activism. Historically, shareholder activism focused on Board issues. Recent trends, however, show increased activism on a variety of issues including M&A transactions, with new activist targets almost daily across all sectors and market caps, underscoring different ways every issuer should be prepared.

With proxy season fast approaching, what can you do to ensure your company is in the best position to prevent, prepare for and manage shareholder activism in all of its forms? CIRI BC has brought together an expert panel including two institutional investors who have been closely involved with or led activist campaigns, two IROs who have been the subject of activist campaigns and a proxy solicitor who has worked on many of Canada’s largest and most notable activist engagements. Join us for a dynamic discussion that will give perspective from both issuers and activists on what really goes on during an activist situation and how you can prepare for proxy season and the potential for shareholder activism.

This event is free for CIRI members; $25 for non-members.


Alyssa Barry, Vice President, Capital Markets & Communications, Sandpiper Group
Michael Curlook, Vice President, Investor Relations & Communications, MAG Silver Corp.
David Salmon, President, Laurel Hill (Moderator)
Darren Seed, President, Incite Capital Markets Inc.
Matt Zabloski, Managing Director, Delbrook Capital Advisors

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2/17/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time

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