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Looking to expand your investor relations skills while building your network? Then look no further. CIRI has the resources you need in one convenient bundle. 

1. A CIRI National & Chapter Membership, Value $740

As a CIRI member, you will:

2. Registration to the 2019 ESG Workshop, December 11, 2019 in Toronto, ON Value $299

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives continue to be of growing interest to the investment community. ESG factors are driving change in investor behaviour and expectations impacting the investment decision-making process and areas of engagement. What does that mean for the IRO? This workshop will dive into the impact of ESG from different perspectives so that you, the IRO, can be well informed and prepared for what your investors want.

3. Three ESG sessions from the 2019 Annual Conference Value $207

Trends in ESG Reporting
ESG has literally become an alphabet soup so how can IROs make sense of it all? This session provides an overview of the key reporting frameworks; learn which of these are most commonly used by issuers and investors; and hear how issuers are integrating and leveraging ESG in their IR programs. Preliminary highlights of research conducted by CIRI and sponsored by the TMX Group will be shared.

ESG Integration: Views from the Street 
Once thought of as a niche perspective, today Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration is gaining traction at investment houses big and small. Hear how representatives from the buy-side and sell-side are using ESG data and integrating them into their models to meet client needs, analyze investment risk and drive value creation.

ESG: Investing with a Purpose 
ESG is having a significant effect on investing with $2.13 trillion AUM dedicated to sustainable investments in Canada alone. How funds are incorporating ESG into their investment decisions, from ESG integration to negative screening to impact investing varies from one asset manager to another. Hear from Bertrand Millot, of Caisse, as he discusses ESG trends globally, Caisse’s ESG strategy including their four pillars for a lower carbon portfolio, how Caisse engages with issuers and what issuers should be aware of regarding their own ESG initiatives.

4Standards and Guidance for Disclosure and Model Disclosure Policy, Fourth Edition Value $500

Do you have questions about any aspects of Corporate Disclosure? Unsure about the use of social media/networking? CIRI's Standards and Guidance for Disclosure and Model Disclosure Policy, Fourth Edition contains the answers. This CIRI publication describes the practices that issuers should use to facilitate transparent and timely disclosure in the marketplace and how to avoid disclosure violations that could result in penalties or lawsuits.

5. Guide to Developing an Investor Relations Program, Third Edition Value $135

No comprehensive program exists that teaches the unique combination of skills and knowledge required to be successful in investor relations. Those new to the IR function are often overwhelmed by the responsibilities and uncertain where to begin, and what questions to ask. This publication will provide guidance and answers to the questions.

Total Value: $1,881. CIRI's Membership/ESG Bundle: $989.

That's a savings of $892!

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"My CIRI membership keeps me up to date on trends and issues in Canada’s capital markets, and has allowed me to build relationships with many of Canada’s best and brightest IR professionals." - Meghan Brown, VP of IR at Endeavour Silver


"Over the years, CIRI has provided me with a wealth of information in terms of learning best practices, gaining access to educational content and staying on top of regulatory issues. I strongly encourage you to join CIRI. It’s time well spent." - Vance Oliver, VP of IR at EXFO Inc.


"CIRI is a great source of information that keeps me up-to-date on a broad range of IR topics and regulatory changes." - Karen Perasalo, VP of IR & Corporate Secretary at Essentials Energy Services