Three-for-One New Member Offer for Supplier/Consultant

What is the Three-for-One New Member Offer?

If one company is referenced on three new member applications within the same calendar year, then your company will receive either a new CIRI membership free, a full refund on an existing CIRI membership or a free renewal of next years dues of an existing membership (both free membership and refund excludes the optional NIRI package).

How do I qualify?

The new CIRI member must reference the supplier/consulting company on the member application and cannot have been a CIRI member during the past 12 months. Existing membership transfers are not included as new members.

Three new members must be from company’s that are not affiliated through ownership (full or partial) of the supplier/consultant being referred.

There can only be one supplier/consultant referenced by a new member.

If there is no referral referenced on the member application form (online or hardcopy) it cannot be added at a later time.

Membership payment from the new member applicants must be received in full for the referred supplier/consultant to qualify.

If a refund of an existing CIRI membership dues is chosen, a cheque will be issued in the appropriate amount.

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Please be advised this program is subject to change without notice.


Hear What Our Members Have to Say

"My CIRI membership keeps me up to date on trends and issues in Canada’s capital markets, and has allowed me to build relationships with many of Canada’s best and brightest IR professionals." - Meghan Brown, VP of IR at Aris Gold Corporation

"Over the years, CIRI has provided me with a wealth of information in terms of learning best practices, gaining access to educational content and staying on top of regulatory issues. I strongly encourage you to join CIRI. It’s time well spent." - Vance Oliver, Director of IR at EXFO Inc.

"CIRI is a great source of information that keeps me up-to-date on a broad range of IR topics and regulatory changes." - Karen Perasalo, VP of IR & Corporate Secretary at Essentials Energy Services